Data Management

We offer support for the data management of biomedical data. This includes the definition and implementation of good practices in the processes of curation, standardization, annotation and structuration of field-specific data. The goal is to reach high-quality standards in data consistency, reliability, value, and interoperability.

To this end, we implement dedicated community and open solutions to capture data in a digital format, such as:

  • REDCap for clinical eCRF (with the definition of a unified variable dictionary for clinical studies);
  • XNAT for neuroimaging data;
  • OMERO for cell imaging data;
  • Tumorotek for biological resource collections.

Training and support are organized to support the usage of these software solutions.

We also offer assistance in defining Data Management Plans (based on the European Union FAIR data principles: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable, learn more here), which are now mandatory for most research funding agencies.